Warren now offers Copywriting Services through Prysmic Inc.


                            Company eNewsletters

One of the most powerful and functional ways for any company with existing clients,  to enhance these client relationships with regular inputs.  People are most open to purchase more from any supplier with whom they have experianced and liked the service.  An e-newsletter becomes the voice of your company.  Clients are happy to feel that suppliers are working with them to keep them current and informed and improve the total service available.

Prysmic Inc has therefore elected to offer a Copywriting service to provide a strong vehicle to enhance client supplier relationships.  We will create, edit and maintain e-newletters that will interact with clients and prospects on a regular basis.  Short concise articles in email form that will nurture leads and put a real face on the Professional Service Provider.

Michael Katz offered a specialty course on developing managing and supporting the creation of e-newletters.  Prysmic proposes to offer this facility to clients who we believe will find this a powerful way to build and expand their business with existing customers.

Copywriters creatively,

              -write and modify web pages,

               -do on-line marketing,

               -write scripts for promotions,

               -develop web sites,   

               -compose post sales follow-up emails

                            or...a myriad other similar activities. 

Prysmic will, at no up front charge,  evaluate opportunities, provide ideas and a copywriting proposal for a launch.



What  is Copywriting?   

Principally, it is selling goods and or services over the Internet.  The writer creates a need, builds some urgency and extols benefits.  AWAI is the leading entity to teach and promote this skill set with hundreds of great success stories.  Last year Prysmic subscribed to AWAI’s premier six figure accelerated copywriting course and received some nice instructor feedback.

The course is managed and directed by higly successful individuals in the copywriting industry, servicing a spectrum of major companies.  Prysmic can now accept opportnities to write copy for specific needs.