Tell me about your company.
We want to look at your product,  your literature,  promotional material and operating costs.  We offer to have focused discussions with  key management.  We are happy to review your current business plans.    
Ideally we woul prefer to work directly with the Companies Chief Operating Officer. Based on the initial review Warren will offer ideas to improve sales & profits based on your objectives.  Our initial suggestions will be based on our judgement as to what we believe will yield the desired results.                            
            Our introductive Client review and proposal fee is $550.
                                                               (or for US Companies $450 US)

                           Proposed ongoing Prysmic services on a Win-Win basis.

If you agree with our conclusions from this initial review, Prysmic will at no additional cost, present a business plan that will detail the steps necessary to reach our agreed objectives.  Following this initial review Prysmic will, based on our judgement,  offer specific proposals  to generate the target profitability. There will be no additional charge for any proposals if you elect not to proceed, retaining Prysmic for the proposed and agreed services.

Ongoing suggestions will be priced on a win-win basis.  We want specific results.   A portion of the Prysmic payment will be fees,  based on results.  A portion of the contract will be time and materials, billed as incurred.  The principal charge will be defined performance fees.

                                                            New opportunities.

We can also propose looking at new product opportunities that would build on your existing resources in conjunction with - proposed product launch partners.  Prysmic is prepared to offer - on a commission basis - to secure such product launch partners. 

If additional working capital is desirable to optimize results, Prysmic will propose financing alternatives in the form of equity, debt or partnerships.

Warren discovered painfully (at the age of 30) that being CEO in a company with more than 100 employees is a lonely position. All of your work colleagues have their own agenda whether listening to you or offering advice. Retrospectively, he realized that a valuable asset would be to have a resource, independent of the work environment, with whom he could discuss sensitive, work related issues. He would have loved knowledgeable, experiance-based confidential advice such as the service offered.

                                                      The 2016 business climate

The 2016 economic climate could easily prove challenging.  Such challenges can provide windows of opportunity. Our proposals will embrace current business, capitalizing on changes inflicted on companies in similar markets