Why Us?

                We offer unbiased professional ideas and input on the current performance of clients companies.

                               Fresh, thinking, and new ideas can and will pay handsome dividends.


Prysmic Inc. is a boutique business consulting company, specializing in providing flexible marketing strategies, strategic planning, and leadership training. 

Prysmic's principal, Warren Beamish has spent 50 years founding and managing both private and public corporate entities.  Managing venture companies can be lonley with very few entities from whom ueful  totally confidential information can be obtained.  Warren will work, on a completly confidnetial basis, with the agreed key management to provide such helpful advice on any aspect of the expressed concerns.

Originally incorporated in August 1989,  many senior individuals have worked with and/or for Prysmic since its incorporation.   Prysmic was the initial venture capital financier of Computel, Remanco, Token Tec and other companies and has served as an investment vehicle for many entities that Warren Beamish owned or in which he participated.

His experience is in Canada, the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.  No longer actively engaged in operating an enterprise Warren would like at this time, especially in light of the current business environment challenges, to apply his 50 + years of extensive entrepreneurial experience,  both domestic and international to assist client companies to grow, manage and improve profitability of their business.

Tell us the objectives that you would like to reach.     We will work with you to reach these goals.





Here is what people say   .... 

 "Warren and I worked with Phil Lapp when he was President of the Professional Engineers of Ontario to provide quality Engineering consulting services in the Nuclear Industry.   A very rewarding two years"    Ivor Thompson, Founder, Thompson Lightston.

"If you want new ideas for your business, Warren is your man".     Eric Baker,  CEO, Miralta Capital.